Beau Forester Blog Post

In response to The Meadowlands:  

I was surprised that this book actually captivated me as much as it did. It is as though this book was written in order to “honor” this particular area that seems to be so often overlooked. He does this both by telling stories about particular interactions he had while exploring the area and also by giving a historical background to both the meadowlands itself and the surrounding area. One particular point that I found interesting was Sullivan starts off page 57 by saying “I like to think of the meadowlands as a undesignated national park”. This was just funny to read after having discussed exactly what defines a wilderness. One of my favorite sentences comes from the beginning of the book when he is describing how he sits atop Snake Hill and “I marvel that I am in the middle of a thirty-two-square mile wilderness, part natural, part industrial, that is five miles from the Empire State Building and a little bit bigger than Manhattan” (Sullivan 18). I loved this because it gave such a good image of the exact area he was in. Another favorite quote comes from even earlier in the book  “On weekdays, after I pass the guards at the prison, no one is around” (Sullivan 15) this type non-interaction is something that some people try to find when they want to get away and it was very interesting that in an area that is 5 miles from the Empire State Building, Sullivan was able to find a place of peace like that.

I’m Beau Forester. I am a Senior double majoring in Neuroscience and Pre-Med double. I’m from Glencoe, Illinois, which is about 15 minutes north of Chicago. I am an Eagle Scout and EMT certified. At OWU I am a brother of Delta Tau Delta, and I lifeguard at the Meek Aquatic center.

Ideas for class projects:

  • I am very interested in helping with the beehives that are on campus, I believe it was stated that we could build bee houses, which would be both fun and very helpful.
  • I like the idea of designing stickers for water bottles of the locations where the hydration stations are. These stations are super convenient and should be utilized by more people!
  • I would love to be a part of the Campus Plantings, especially since this would help with revitalizing local habitats.

In Chicago, a bulk storage operator on the Southeast Side is going to stop storing toxic manganese outside, and as well they will suspend barge transfer during high winds to reduce harmful dust blowing into surrounding neighborhoods. Manganese which is a heavy metal that is used in steelmaking can permanently damage the nervous system and trigger learning difficulties, memory loss and anxiety. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Chicago office has air quality monitors installed around the facility and they collected enough data to cite the company for violations of the federal Clean Air Act. Since then levels of airborne manganese have generally declined since the EPA enforcement action.

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