Collin Rastetter’s Digital Portfolio

W2: Sullivan “The Meadowlands” and current event

W3: Abbey “Desert Solitaire” and current event

W4: Bruckner “The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse” and current event (I presented)

W5: Coates “Nature” Part 1 and current event 

W6: Coates “Nature” Part 2 and current event

W7: Foer “Eating Animals” and current event

W8: Fall Break, No class meeting or blog post

W9: Dinner at Dr. Krygier’s House, No blog post

W10: Robbins et al. “Environment and Society” Part 1 and current event

W11: Robbins et al. “Environment and Society” Part 2 and current event

W12: Urbanik “Placing Animals”

W13: Stoknes “What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Climate Change,” I didn’t make a blog post for this reading

Project Proposal

Notes for my presentation of Bruckner’s “The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse”:

Quotes and Discussion Questions:

To begin, do you think that environmentalism is constantly preaching catastrophe, and if so, is this worth criticizing?

Do you believe that climate change activism is more about the planet or about ourselves, and if it is the latter, in what way is it about ourselves?

Do you find that climate change alarmism and natural disaster coverage actually hinders any realistic approaches to combatting climate change? Are we desensitized by being exposed to this alarmism on a regular basis? ,

Bruckner draws many parallels between environmentalism and Christianity, do you think that was an accurate comparison? Does environmentalism treat humankind as “fallen”?

What is your thoughts on Latour’s suggestion that we make a Senate that includes nature among its representatives, and how would that even work? (page 84)

Do you believe that combatting climate change requires us to embrace a simpler, ascetic lifestyle. If so, do you believe it will be enough to change anything at this point?

In terms of the environment, do we owe future generations anything?

As Bruckner alludes to, is it possible that it is a contradiction to preach catastrophe and concern for the future of humanity at the same time?

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