Final Eval :) Janelle Valdinger

Week 1 & 2: Intro and Meadowlands

Week 3: Desert Solitaire

Week 4: Fanaticism of the Apocalypse

Week 5: Nature

Week 6: Nature Part 2

Week 7:  Eating Animals (I presented)

Week 8:  Fall Break

Week 9:  Professor’s House

Week 10 & 11:  Sick on Oct. 25th, no blog postings.  Did participate in discussion Week 11.

Week 12 & 13:  No postings.  Did participate in discussions.

Week 14:  Thanksgiving

Week 15:  First round of presentations.

Week 16:  I presented 🙂

Branch Rickey Arena Rain Garden

Janelle Valdinger, Dr. John Krygier, Perry Mickley, Brad Stanton, Caroline Cicerchi, Chad Green, Stacy Davenport, and OWU Building  & Grounds

Summary:  This project focused on the installation of a rain garden on the north side of Branch Rickey Arena.

Methods & Results:  City of Delaware Capital Improvement Funding has been allocated for this project, the size and design of the rain garden has been developed and approved, the appropriate plants have been chosen (natives), the location has been decided upon, area calculations have been completed to determine the minimum size of the rain garden, a CAD drawing has been finished by the Engineering department, and the appropriate Storm-water Agreement and Right of Entry paperwork has been edited, and will be signed by OWU.

Recommendations:  A three year, four phase plan has been developed to install the original rain garden along with three others.




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