Placing Animal’s–Daniel Delatte Review

Urbanik’s Placing Animals discusses the relationships that we have with animals and how we should be able to distinguish the differences between them and the animals that we aren’t too fond of. The book plays with the idea that there are animals that do not belong in the same category as every other one. Those categories are by what the animals believe that they are going along the lines as in allies or enemies—those that have two legs are enemies and those that are on four or have wings are friends. This differentiation can be seen in the foods we eat and how we treat animals. This can be said to be a capitalist way of thinking as the way we treat some animals for what they can do and provide for us. While in India animals are allowed to roam freely and not be eaten as they are sacred, since India is neither pure capitalist or socialist. It further provides a deeper thinking to how we view animals, as well as how we think animals would view us given their ability to think like we do. Our way of thinking is challenged by how Urbanik would toy with the idea when he places animal’s in a farm that has each animal play certain roles, almost like a government setting. I think what he does with giving certain animals certain characteristics that motivate their way their ability to think makes it more relatable to us as humans in terms of our differences (race, socioeconomic background, culture, nationality, etc.) It could be argued that their way of thinking in terms of agricultural planning is better influenced because they are pushing for ways that is best suited to be best for their species. The statement of “Long Live Humanity” by Snowball was pretty funny considering, how they are all animals and that the story had them playing humanlike roles.

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