Environment and Society Part 2 -Makali

Wolves chapter: Wolves like many other animals were hunted close to extinction then we saw the error of our ways and tried to bring the population back. This chapter often debated the pros and cons of having a decent size wolf population.  Of course framers didn’t like them because they sometimes eat their cattle, and other people are just afraid of wolves, but the are many possibly even more advantages than disadvantages. The author talked about an experiment they did trying to bring wolves back into Yellowstone National Park. They introduces eight wolves from another region into Yellowstone, which currently didn’t have any wolves. After a while the wolf population  increased, they were taken off the endangered list, elk population decreased, the willows trees grew healthier, increase number of beavers, increase number in eagles, and beetles. The ecosystem completely change with the introduction of only eight animals. If we take away any of the animals the whole thing could start to fall apart. I believe we should help restore the  populations to what they were, which includes bringing wolves back to a healthy balance and then try to leave nature alone as much as we can.

Potatoes: It surprised me that potatoes were once poisonous. It shocks me that people would keep trying a poisonous food, pick the least poisonous to grow and continue selecting until we have our domesticated one. I wonder what other food we now eat have be domesticated that way. I also think it is a testament to either how desperate or stubborn people were. I was also surprised to find out that not every potato is capable of becoming a fry. “Americans spent six billion dollars on fast food in 1970 and more than 110 billion in 2000”. That is a huge increase in dollars spent in just thirty years. If it keeps increasing at that rate, how big will it get? Later in the chapter the authors talk about a  country selling land that people live on to potato farmers for not much money, jut so they could have more business. I can see a government wanting more business and offering a deal to businesses to come for cheaper, and although its wrong to push people off the land, it happens for other reasons and the people normal get money, at least in America. How could they justify giving the companies such a big break that the government doesn’t get enough money to have schools? That is just beyond belief for me. I never would have thought that fries almost directly effect some peoples’ schooling, but if we stopped eating french fries wouldn’t the government still want business and just offer their deal to another party?

Current event: Dozens of octopi were seen crawling onto beaches. The group that found them placed them back into the water only to come back in the morning to see that more had crawled onto the beach and died. So far no one knows the reason that these octopi are doing this, one theory is that they were about to die away ways, but until more tests are done we will not know.



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