Project Proposal- E. Wyatt

On Reclaiming Ohio Wesleyan’s Student Garden: converting a neglected weed patch into a sustainable green study space


Project Participant(s): Evelynn Wyatt


Description & overview of project: I will be creating a plan and proposal for the creation of a perennial garden and green study spcae in the vacant green lot behind the observatory. I will submit a garden design blueprint, specific plant list, and written project description to B and G. This plan and proposal will be submitted to B and G during this semester and planting will ideally begin in the spring.  I will be relying heavily on the guidance and information provided by Dustin Braden, an OWU student who created a student garden at his high school, and Dale Miller, the owner of Miller Nursery who has a great deal of experience working with garden design in the Ohio climate. I will be applying for a SIPP grant to fund planting and outdoor furniture/garden fixtures. I will also be using SLU House Funds and will likely market the garden as an OWU community outreach program. If the project is approved I will be seeking student volunteers and will hopefully find an underclassman capable and desiring of continuing work and maintenance on the garden upon my graduation.


Outline of project:

My final project will consist of the following items:

-Copy of B and G proposal

-Copy of SIPP Grant Application(s)

-Garden Layout Plans

-Plant List

-Project Goals and Next Steps Document

-Plan for Continued Maintenance of the Garden

The above will be bound in a binder and I will create a visual presentation of the above work I’ve finished this semester.


Annotated bibliography

“Calm active and focused: Children’s responses to an organic outdoor learning environment,” Sonya Nedovic, Anne-Marie Morrissey

The authors of this study found that children exposed to organic/natural learning environments experienced “richer imaginative play; increased physical activity; calmer, more focused play; and positive social interactions.” I would use this resource and other peer-reviewed studies in order to bolster my proposal for B and G as to why and how this garden would benefit students.

This source provides a garden design plan that relies heavily on perennial plant species. It includes a plant list and a physical blue print and is only 12×12 feet in area which would make it an excellent fit for the space outside of the observatory.

This source provides a wealth of information about Ohio soils, climate, precipation, and wind patterns. It also lists plant recommendations and tips for maintaining an Ohio garden during the winter months.

This site provides links to a variety of garden projects that have been successfully carried out by college students. It will provide a good place for me to begin with sketching/laying out the space.

This is the blog of a current garden design student and it contains a wide variety of useful posts about beginning gardening.

This garden hires college students to design, create, and maintain its gardens. This is another useful source for providing inspiration and specific plant ideas.

This organization provides a list of all current student gardens across the U.S. I will focus on looking at the Midwestern gardens to determine what species and layouts have worked best for this area of the united states.

This source was recommended to me by Emily Howald. It contains a list of perennial vegetables that typically do well in all climates and need little maintenance. Adding vegetables to the perennial garden could increase overall appeal.

This was another source recommended by Emily and it contains a specific list of Ohio edible perennial plants. It also contains contact information for several Ohio garden writers and nursery owners that I could potentially reach out to.

This source was also provided by Emily and it contains a variety of fruit plants that are perennial and require little maintenance. I beleive ruit would provide an even greater incentive for student use than vegetables.


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