Miranda: Project Outline

Mapping Running Trails in Delaware and Surrounding Areas

Project Participant(s): Miranda Gumbita

Description & overview of project: Central Ohio has a large running community with an expansive trail system. While many of these trail systems have maps that can be accessed online, they are extremely basic and not continually updated as the trail systems are. A great deal of information on local trails and where to access them is passed around by word of mouth. This project will focus on creating a detailed map of these trail systems. This map will include the overall map of each trail section, along with GPS coordinates of every access point along the trail. This expansive map of trails will then be made to the public in an easily accessible way. Through this, I hope to give the local community an easy way to locate and enjoy their local trails.

Outline of project:

  • Project description
  • Trail mapping process
  • Comprehensive map of trails and their access points
  • Information about trails being expanded in the future
    • October 4th at 6pm: Attend open house to view plans for new park along Pollock Road

Annotated bibliography:

Trail map of Delaware State Park https://parks.ohiodnr.gov/Portals/parks/PDFs/parks/Maps/Delaware/delawaretrailmap.pdf

Trail map of Rocks & Roots Trail *Hasn’t been updated to include newest trail extensions* http://files.www.fleetfeetcolumbus.com/Rocks_and_Roots_Groundbreaking.pdf

Trail map of Alum Creek Park https://parks.ohiodnr.gov/Portals/parks/PDFs/parks/Maps/Alum_Creek/alumcreektrailmap.pdf

Trail information for Deer Haven Park *Doesn’t include connection to Havener Park https://www.preservationparks.com/parks/deer-haven/

Trail information for Shale Hollow Park https://www.preservationparks.com/parks/shale-hollow/

Trail Information for Gallant Woods Park *Doesn’t include connection to Gallant Farm https://www.preservationparks.com/parks/gallant-woods/

Trail Information for Blues Creek Park       https://www.preservationparks.com/parks/blues-creek/

Trail Information for Char-Mar Ridge Park *Ohio to Erie Trail Connector https://www.preservationparks.com/parks/char-mar-ridge/

Trail Information for Emily Traphagen Park https://www.preservationparks.com/parks/emily-traphagen/

Trail Information for Hogback Ridge Park *Alum Creek Trail Connector https://www.preservationparks.com/parks/hogback-ridge/

Trail Information for Hoover Scenic Trail *Ohio to Erie/Char-Mar Park Connector https://www.preservationparks.com/ohio-to-erie-trail/hoover-scenic-trail/

Trail Information for Meredith State Road Trail https://www.preservationparks.com/ohio-to-erie-trail/meredith-state-road-trail/

Trail Information for Sandal Legacy Trail             https://www.preservationparks.com/ohio-to-erie-trail/sandel-legacy-trail/

Trail Information for Ohio to Erie Trail                 http://www.ohiotoerietrail.org/interactive-map/

Trail map for Highbanks Metro Park                                   http://www.metroparks.net/parks-and-trails/highbanks/park-map/

Weekly Reading

The second half of Nature, gave an easier to read and more relatable perspective. Coates discusses parks being a construct that were created for the rich. This a concept that I don’t necessarily agree with, as toady’s parks and preserved lands are open to everyone. They’re there for us as a society to enjoy, regardless of social status. I did agree with his views on how humans have manipulated nature, however. Genetically modified crops only exist due to us as humans needing to sustain our population. We have continually modified and impacted nature since the beginning of our existence, and that impact has only increased in severity as our populations have grown.

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