Miranda Week 3: The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse


Bruckner argues that today’s environmentalism is overly spiritual and fueled by rampant guilt and self-hatred. Brucker’s writes from a philosopher’s perspective. He doesn’t touch much on the factual arguments surrounding each issue, but focuses on how human needs are satisfied in raising the issues and whether even finding a solution is reasonable. The arguments do tend to take many different directions, making it easy to sometimes miss his overall point.

Bruckner gives us two major options for our future. Either we can choose “anti-humanism as its principle, celebrating rivers and forests the better to castigate human beings” or we can chose to become “open anthropocentric” and value non-human life forms for the benefits that they bring to humans. These options can be summarized as us continuing down the path we are and destroy the resources we have left or we can start to respect the non-human life that grows on the earth and in turn stop continually destroying it. Bruckner really challenges the reader to take a good look at how we need to change our own ways and views in order to stop the destruction of our planet. Our over population is causing us to kill off resources at a rate that cannot be sustained, so we can either change the way we live or we can continue down the path of an environmental apocalypse.

Environmental News:

300 tons of dead pigs were found buried and rotting in an East China hillside. A medical waste treatment company buried the decayed pigs 4 years ago. The government is currently conducting an environmental impact assessment of the situation.


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