Janelle Reading Response

The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse:  This book made me feel like I got mind f*****.  I was thoroughly confused by the first few pages, then absolutely enthralled with most of the entire first half, and then again fairly confused and rather disinterested in the second half.  Bruckner’s use of past, and present current events as building blocks for each of his overly-opinionated points was, in my opinion, genius.  I enjoyed his dramatic ramblings, and realized after the first half of the book I had already taken four and a half pages of notes.  From his belief that our aggressive, relentless attack on nature is the credible adversary dispersed to all four corners of the earth to stating taking a bath or driving a 4×4 become very harmful acts whose consequences can extend as far the stratosphere, his ability to somewhat justify his arguments are unparalleled.  I also sincerely enjoyed how every time he compared contrasting subjects, he did it in groups of two.  For example: two futures (proximate, and distant), two types of pessimism (cultural, and anthropological), two Cassandras (those who deduce an imminent danger from a precise situation, and those who scorn).  Oddly enough I also found myself agreeing with some his points of view.  For example our world being over populated.  I have a lengthy response to this I’m excited to present in class, so I’ll save it for now.  In addition to the previous statement I also found myself being able to correlate his rants with my own experiences, and current events.  His mention of sterility in male sperm occurring by 2060 instantly made me think of the Handmaids Tale, a new TV series I seriously can’t get enough of, along with his statement about the media.  He compared the repetitious nature of our media to that of a metronome (I had to use one of those during piano practice as a kid, I hated it), and he actually nailed that comparison.  Overall I enjoyed this book, probably my most favorite of three we’ve been assigned.


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