Daniel Delatte-Review The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse

Pascal Bruckner’s intention seemed to be in making you feel like the worst person ever. The entire world is suffering because of your sole existence and there is nothing better that you could do for it than die. The approach was even more direct and attacking than Abbey’s in Desert Solitaire. When he used science it was almost like Abbey when he used scientific jargon after encountering a new species to make himself seem smart, just instead with Pascal it seemed more fitting because of the type of narrative he was writing and he is a well known philosopher. I can completely agree that as humans we have done a great deal of damage to our environment solely by existing. I mean what happens with anything we you add to it? But no one is going to just call it and die. That’s just insane. What we all do need to understand is that we are not headed into the right direction at the pace that we are going in. It is a difficult read since he seems to kind of ramble on at his own pace out of his own world. He makes a really bold claim, that is however backed by a lot of research that, “marine ecosystems will collapse between now and 2050” (p.32). It’s almost 2012-ish since we all went through that thing with the Mayan calendar, but it’s just the type of person that he is that focuses all on negatives. That’s one thing that I really didn’t like about the book. It was okay material when you could understand him.

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