Amber Week 3

The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse Notes

Bruckner’s The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse was mind boggling and a bit challenging to follow due to all of the political, religious, environmental, theoretical theories he incorporates. At the beginning of the book, Bruckner starts out by criticizing how as society we have been scapegoating various political and social structures structures when he argues that the real problem is humans. He continues on about how humans must not fear catastrophe, instead believe in it by dropping everything and halting all human activities. Bruckner has strong opinions about humans and fear. He explains how religions, media, organizations and government use fear push us to take action but without thinking about why. He describes a catastrophe of flooding, evil men, or storm being horrible but courage and heroism can arise. In the end the catastrophes are able to bring out the best and the worst of people. The book sorta follows this pattern of constant complaining by the author about how the world is and his strong views on current issues.

“For the past half-century we have in fact been witnessing a slide from one scapegoat to another:Marxism designated capitalism as responsible for human misery. Third -Worldism, upset by the bourgeoisification of the working classes, substituted the West for capitalism as the great criminal in History and the ‘inventors’ of slavery, colonialism, and imperialism.” (Bruckner 13)

“Fear has the power to mobilize people, to get them to overcome their divisions by proposing an object of collective repulsion, designating a scapegoat that binds them together and leads them to put their fates in the hands of a third party.” (Bruckner 26)

Generally,  Bruckner is angry with humans for focusing on environmental issues in way that is more harmful than helpful by generating mass fear of an apocalypse. He believes that we should focus our attention on  environmental issues that we can actually solve instead of creating global scale apocalyptic ideas that generate fear. I agree with him that humans have created a number of issues resulting in the current environmental problems facing the world but I do not believe that the way we are currently facing the issues is completely incorrect either. It is difficult to judge the global impact that humans are having on the environment and it is a work in progress to figure out the best ways to face the issues.

Current Environmental News

After finding a new fossil 33 years ago, a team of scientists have made new discovery about the fossil. Originally, scientists thought the fossil of a Plesiousaurs had sharp teeth like other Plesiousaurs though the teeth were unusual. An international team of researchers has taken a closer look at the teeth and have discovered that the teeth do not meet tip to tip, instead they lay together forming a strainer. It is assumed that this Plesiousaurs would have swallowed schools of krill and filtered out the water after closing its mouth. This identification supports convergent evolution between mammals and reptiles.

Image result for plesiosaurs

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