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Hi everyone.  My name is David Herbawi and I’m a senior here in OWU.  I was born and raised in Cambridge Massachusetts, and I lived a little over a year in San Diego before moving back to Massachusetts.  One of my favorite passions in life is traveling, because I’m really good at adjusting to new environments.  I’ve been to Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Morocco, and Jordon, and I hope to travel a lot more after I graduate.  During the summer I always go home and work at a cafe and hookah lounge.  I came to OWU without declaring a major, choosing geography during my junior year.  I like geography because it covers a broad range of important topics in both the political and scientific fields.


For me, the word ‘wilderness’ invokes images of nature unaltered by humans.  A place where people go to escape the noises of organized society and be away from other humans and their inventions.  The Meadowlands has led my to reevaluate my beliefs.  While the area has certainly been subjected to the settlement and industry of humans Robert Sullivan that still feels mysterious, secluded, and even wild. The Meadowlands are littered with waste and pollution, but if anything all the debris only add to its wildness, reminders of all the failed attempts to tame it.  Although I haven’t reached the ending at time I’m writing this, I have so far enjoyed Sullivan’s story telling and his descriptions of people and historical events.


Toxic cloud on Sussex coast may have come from ship, say sources

A toxic cloud appeared in Sussex, England resulted in 150 people seeking medical services.  Pollution monitoring sites picked up on ozone levels four times higher than usual within the cloud.  It is believed that the cloud did not originate on land and it is suggested that the cloud came from a ship’s vents, but this is not yet confirmed.



Project ideas:  (1 a program that recycles uneaten food from the campus dining areas for fertilizer or animal feed.  (2 a program where you could rent items like refrigerators and microwaves for your room and return them at the end of the semester.  This could reduce the number of these items thrown away once students return home and no longer have use for them.

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