Espen’s Final Portfolio

Week 1: Nothing

Week 2: Introduction & Cronon The Trouble With Wilderness, and Sullivan The Meadowlands, first current event

Week 3: Abbey Desert Solitaire (I presented here so didn’t make a post, I can submit my notes if you like)

Week 4: Bruckner The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse

Week 5: Coates Nature (part 1)

Week 6: Coates Nature (part 2)

Week 7: Foer Eating Animals

Week 8: Robins Environment & Society (part 1)

Week 9: Spring break

Week 10: Columbus, no post needed

Week 11: Robins Environment & Society (part 2) (No blog post as I was too sick)

Week 12: Urbanik Placing Animals

Week 13: Stoknes What we Think About When we Think About Global Warning (no blog post)

Other: Project proposal, project report


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