Project Report – Bishop

Recycling at Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center

Emily Bishop

Summary: The goal of this project was to start a paper recycling program at Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center.  The hotel alone uses an extremely large amount of paper and I knew that the conference center and the other buildings on property were using a large amount of paper as well.  I thought it was important to try to make changes on a larger scale rather than trying to encourage a few individuals to recycle more.

Methods: I first talked to my coworkers and managers to try to determine if other people were also interested in recycling and would therefore be willing to help me get the program started.  They were very positive about wanting to help and almost everyone said they wished we recycled more here.  I then asked my managers who I should talk to about it and they directed me to the director of facilities, Gregg Gibson.  I then met with Gregg and he told me about all that the hotel already does to recycle.  I told him that I wanted to start a paper recycling program and he gave me some tips for writing up a program and that is needed to get it started.  I looked for general instructions on how to start a recycling program for a business and the information that Gregg emailed me about how to get it started.  Gregg also sent me the recycling SOP that we had on file from when we had a recycling program before.  I edited that and made some improvements.  I then met with Sue, the GM, and told her about what I wanted to do for the project.  She had me write up a mock SOP to be given out to each department about why recycling is important and where the secure shred bins will be so they can be utilized.  After she approves it, this will be sent out to all of the managers to be gone over with their employees.

Contacts: Guest Service Manager, Ryan Smith.  Email:

Operations Manager, Kollin Hanes.  Email:

Director of Facilities, Gregg Gibson.  Email:

General Manager, Sue Bellan. Email:


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