What we think about

I really liked this because it goes through all of the reasons, mostly on a psychological level, why some people don’t believe in or care about global warming which is something that I never fully understood.

The idea of ‘self interest’ is something we’ve talked about in other classes, and I’ve sort of thought about it in regards to this, but never from an evolutionary point of view. I think it also comes from a place of privilege since we don’t live somewhere that has been strongly or quickly affected by climate change.  I also agree with their statement that we could use this for the common good if the identity of ‘us’ was changed.

The Roots of Denial chapter was about something that really pains me, the rejection of facts that are obvious to me, and this chapter does a good job of explaining why people get stuck in denial once they’ve decided that that’s their stance, but I still have a hard time following the reasoning for denying it in the first place.

The GEVA graph was interesting and hopeful. However I’m interested in seeing how these next few years go with the change in politics.

There was a new carbon cycle found in polar glaciers that could be contributing more to climate change that previously thought https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/04/170412105910.htm

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