Global Warming…

Since this is the book I’ll be presenting with Maggie I’ll keep my blog short. I read the second half and actually really enjoyed Part 2. The author tells a lot of stories, gives a lot of examples and really paints a vivid picture of what he is trying to say.  However, I didn’t enjoy reading Part 3, it was to philosophical for my liking. And so many analogies that I would forget his argument. Part 2 had a lot more stuff about global waring and so did Part 3 it was just expressed very differently. In class I’ll be going over my favorite chapters more in depth.

Current Event :  Ooho!!         Unknown.jpeg

An ‘edible water bottle’ that hopes to replace the millions of plastic bottles thrown away every year has raised over £500,000 in a crowdfunding campaign.

The water ball, named “Ooho!” is a biodegradable and natural membrane which can be fully swallowed and digested, as well as hydrating people in the same way as drinking water.

The product is made from a seaweed extract and is tasteless, although flavours can be added to it.

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