Placing Animals


My current event for this week is about how human health is related to the health of the environment.  It has long been thought that a decline in human health would lead to an increase in health for the environment because fewer humans would have a lesser impact on the environment.  This study focused on Lake Victoria in Africa where human health and health of the environment are extremely intertwined.  Commercial fishing is really important on Lake Victoria.  They found that has human health declined, environmental health also decreased because the fishers became more careless as their health declined.  This is important because the people who were wishing plague on humans to help the environment may be hurting the environment instead.



I liked the overall gist of this book and thought it had really good points, but I thought it was way too wordy.  I could have gotten the same thing out of about 50 pages.  Regardless, here were some point that were brought up that I thought was really interesting.

-The discussion on pets was really interesting and I’ve often thought about it before myself.  I have a dog and I love her to death but it is pretty strange that we spend so much money and time on animals that don’t even help us do anything.  They just live life with us and use up our resources.  It is really important for humans to have companionship, but why isn’t companionship with other humans enough for most people?  Granted I am one of those people, but I still think it’s weird.

-I think the fact that we don’t have a legal definition of an animal really says something considering that animals are a huge part of our lives both directly and indirectly.  How can we expect animals to be treated equally when we can’t even agree on what even constitutes an animal.  Honestly, the fact that the definition of an animal has to incorporate humans into is saying something really negative.

-I also thought that the social construct of animal geography section talked about a lot of things I have often thought about.  The value of animals changes wherever you are.  We value dogs here in America where in China they are treated the same way we treat pigs.  Plus, pigs are just as smart, if not smarter, than most dogs.  Research on animals has always bothered me because doing something to a chimpanzee, which is honestly almost the same as a human toddler, would cause an uproar if done to an actual human child. Obviously testing on humans is bad, but how can we test on animals instead like it’s no big deal?  That just makes no sense.

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