Environment and Society pt 2

I think the conversation about how we interfere with disturbances in the forests is interesting.  If the forests were completely separate from humans then I’d think it’d be an easy decision to just let the forests go through their natural cycles.  However, if there are houses and towns nearby then it becomes harder to decide when to interfere.  I think the hardest place to decide when to interfere is in national and state parks.  I think these places should try to keep the cycle as natural as possible, though I know that’s not what they do, for tourists’ sake.

The chapter on wolves was really interesting because I learned in a historic literature that the hatred for wolves is a really old thing that Americans inherited from Eurasia.  It would be hard to reverse so many people’s idea of them in order to restore their presence in many different locations, but I do think it’s something worth doing for those habitats. However, the local farmers in the area would need to involved in the conversation.

Current Event:

In Pittsburgh, the water’s lead levels have been rising and have recently spiked.  They’re talking about privatizing the water supply, but studies show that that hasn’t helped many other cities. The government and other private water and sewer suppliers have agreed to pay for water filters for the city.  (This is half a bragging current event-the Aly Shaw that’s quoted and pictured is my older sister, who’s working with the campaign who helped convince the mayor’s office to supply the filters) Many Pittsburghers Oppose Privatization of the City’s Water System

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