Environment and Society Pt.2

Current event:

Asian dust providing key nutrients for California’s giant sequoias

Researchers have found that dust from the Gobi desert has been providing more phosphorus than previously thought for plants in the Sierras Nevadas. It has contributed more phosphorous for plants than bedrock weathering.

In recent years it has been a bit of mystery how all these big trees have been sustained in this ecosystem without a lot of phosphorus in the bedrock,” said Emma Aronson, an assistant professor of plant pathology and microbiology at UC Riverside. “This work begins to unravel that mystery and show that dust may be shaping this iconic California ecosystem.

The study is projected to help predict the impacts of climate change, expected to increase drought and create more desert conditions. Scientists expect more dust moving in the atmosphere, bringing phosphorus to far mountainous ecosystems.

After collecting dust and isotopic signatures in the Sierra Nevadas, the researchers found that the amount of dust from Central Valley sources was greater at lower elevations compared to higher elevations. They also found that more Central Valley dust was entering higher elevations later in the dry season than just after the spring rains.

Environment and Society Pt. 2

I thought the second part of this book was very informative. The few things that stood out to me was the plastic water bottles, rights of trees, and carbon dioxide. Like mentioned before humans don’t really make the greatest decisions. I personally think plastic water bottle are stupid. If we can make and use reusable water bottles that last years instead of buying and using hundreds of plastic bottles, why use the plastic water bottles, there is no point. However I do appreciate the fact that plastic water bottles help transport clean water to those who really need it. Which makes it hard to completely hate plastic water bottles. It’s also hard to choose your stance on water bottles when you know they are helping save people’s lives all around the world. I’ve never really thought about giving trees rights before. This book helped me put that into perspective. I guess I do always feel bad when I see trees getting cut down but I know there’s nothing I can do about it so I just look away and keep moving. However, giving trees rights can help me not feel as bad anymore. I believe it should happen. Trees are what help us stay alive so why should they do all the work and not have any rights for themselves. Lastly, the global north and global south was intriguing. People in the northern hemisphere, especially in America, never think about how we may be affecting our own species on a daily basis. Humans across the globe are being affected by our decisions and actions. Their health, safety, and life is being horribly affected and we don’t know it.




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