Environment and Society Pt. 2

The Puzzle of carbon dioxide- thought this was very interesting, they said that the history of civilization is also a history of gases, molecules and elements. When you think of the history of mankind the thought of carbon and other gases isn’t what comes to mind. Yet this is something that is strongly connected to our society. Humans and non-humans influence each other in complex ways. Carbon is vital to our survival because it’s vital to plants, never do we sit and think about this. It’s so small scale its overlooked.

The cap and trade system is an economic policy tool that has been used to limit emissions of pollutants such as sulfur dioxide (a cause of acid rain) in the past. A cap and trade system places a maximum limit on the amount of a pollutant that can be produced in an area. Each local company has the right to emit a certain percentage of that total, but no more. If a company emits less than its share, it can sell the remainder to other companies that are emitting more than their limit, to offset their emissions. In this way, even though there is still some pollution, it is kept in check, and there are incentives for companies to reduce their emissions so that they can sell their remaining emission rights.

On the topic of global warming you have places like the “global north” refers to countries in the northern hemisphere, which are currently the centers of global wealth (United States, European countries, and so on). The “global south” refers to countries in the southern hemisphere, which as a group are much less wealthy and less developed. Part of the reason why the global south cannot expand is because the global north creates all these green house gases which end up affecting areas like Bangladesh who emit very low levels of green house gases.

Current Event

Researchers at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute are developing a method to use the vascular network in spinach leaves to deliver blood, oxygen and nutrients to grow human tissue.



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