Environment & Society Pt 1

Environment & Society: I found this book harder to read mostly just because it’s a textbook and it was weird to read through half a textbook straight. However it was interesting enough. I enjoyed the chapter about population/overpopulation as that’s always been interesting to me but I’d sort of forgotten about it until now. A lot of the economic things I had already learned, so this served as a review. Linking the basic economic concepts to the environment/resources was something I never did in high school. I’d heard of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, but had never seen it applied environmentally. It explains a lot about carbon emissions, with countries valuing competitiveness over taking one for the team and reducing carbon emission. The solutions the authors mentioned for Prisoner’s Dilemmas seemed effective, but unrealistic. Personally I think there’s not enough incentive for governments to actually make big moves, so we’ll have to deal with small changes for a while yet.


Current Event: Why are Pandas Black and White?

Turns out it’s for camouflage and communication. They don’t hibernate, so they continue eating bamboo through the snowy season. Their bellies are white for camouflage. The black parts on their ears and eyes are for intimidation with other pandas. That’s really all there is to the study, which took over 100 hours at UCB.


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