Environment & Society- Part 1


Fig 2.3 shows that the population growth rate has been declining since the 1960’s. I think this makes perfect sense because of how expensive everything has became since then. Having a child becomes very expensive, having multiple even more so. To me this is the most logical answer so why our population rate in declining, people sometimes can’t afford to have kids or even themselves too. This ties in with the idea of having to few children. How does that affect countries in the long run? Well it’s a good and bad thing. Good for the environment because places that tend to have less people emit lass pollution into the environment. Bad because when those children grow up they may not decide to live in that country anymore, there will be a drop in the economy since you’ll have less people to spend money, creating a lower need for jobs.

While reading I came across the word ‘rewilding’, which is mankind’s attempt  to restore what we’ve destroyed. So basically bringing life back to areas which we’ve killed. I never heard this word before and I was surprised that we’ve had to come up with a word that describes our attempt to fix our mess ups. We shouldn’t have to create a word to fix our mistakes, we shouldn’t be making these mistakes in the first place. Another thing, how messed up is it that we charge for nature. You can’t go to some National Parks without having to pay an entrance fee, parking fee, etc. Yes charging people to see nature pays for the park ranger, but having to deal with money, something only humans need to worry about kind of defeats the purpose of going to see nature in the first place. Like we’ve said before people go to these parks to get away from everything human. Yet, of course humans find a way to make it more difficult for people to even do so. We’re so selfish.


Current Event: Stubby Squid found !

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