Environment and Society (pt.1)

I really enjoyed this book because it brought up a lot of ideas that I’ve thought about a lot as well as some others that I haven’t but definitely interest me.  This book didn’t offer a lot of opinions, which is fine because it gives you the facts, the history, and the options so that you can make your own opinion.

One of the points that he talked about that I’ve thought about a lot is the carrying capacity of humans on Earth.(pg. 15)  It’s a complicated question and I liked that they included multiple different explanations for why the population has changed and is changing the way it is.

One of the points that they made that I hadn’t really thought about is the relation between hybrid cars and gas prices.  Economics isn’t my strong point so I tend to put those points off to the side.  However, it was interesting they way they explained how an increase number of hybrid cars could actually increase the total amount of gas used.  I guess this effect is inevitable until hybrid cars are more universal? People wouldn’t start driving so much more that that couldn’t have a negative affect on the use of gas.

The other thing that he talked about that interested me was the different takes on hunting (pg. 76)  I feel like I fall in the middle of the two sides he talked about.  I don’t like hunting, but I understand the necessity of it.  However, in the case of the white tail deer, I think it would help to remember that they are overpopulated because humans over hunted their predators.  So we have to hunt because we hunt in the first place. A more controversial example is the goats and tortoises on the Galapagos Islands, where the invasive species of the goats are outcompeting the native tortoises.  The solution is to kill the goat herds en mass and I’m curious what other people think about it because I know I still feel uncomfortable with the idea, but completely understand the necessity.

Current Event

30,000 acres of forest was burned by a wildfire in Peru and then flooded by heavy rainfall soon after.  Local conservation groups are working on rebuilding , specifically the Spectacled Bear Conservation who saved over a hundred bears from the natural disasters while trying to keep their headquarters from flooding.  

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