Environment and Society Part 1 ( Post #7)- Dom

Environment and Society : 

This “book” opened my eyes up to looking at big environmental issues as I have never looked at before. This text provides different insights on environmental issues and brings to light why these issues are happening, as well as, presents data that shows some issues might not be as bad as most people think. The other thing I enjoyed about this book is that it was not clearly bias as the past books have been. For example, when the text talked about population growth, it presented the problems with this issue but then went into talking about how it could be portrayed as a positive due to technology growth and the benefits it has on the world such as lowering the level of starvation throughout the world. This book also provided realistic solutions, such as instead of killing people to stop population growth, countries could turn to solar energy instead of coal which would lower the populations’ Eco Footprint and better the environment. I thought this was nice because every other author had bias solutions, as well as opinions in their books that drove me away due to their non plausible solutions to issues in the environment. To me, Environment and Society has been the most insightful book I have read so far in class, as it presented real environment issues, as well as, possible realistic solutions to these issues that the world faces today.

Current Event: 

Study Finds Fracking Caused 6,600 Oil Spills In Only Four States 

-Researchers from Duke University have been conducting a study since 2004 in which they have found out that fracking is causing more toxic and chemical-laden water to spill into the earth than previously estimated by the EPA. The study looked at four states, which included Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Colorado, and North Dakota, and found out that fracking caused 6,647 spills in 10 years. The study looked at each state individually which showed that North Dakota had the most spills with 4,453 incidents, followed by Pennsylvania with 1,293 incidents, Colorado with 475 incidents, and New Mexico with 426 incidents. After the data was collected, the study also found out that majority of these spills were caused by human error or equipment failure.Unfortunately the study did not include the impact of these spills on the environment and health, but found out that equipment used by fracking companies are unregulated, as well as fluids used in fracking contain additives such as toxic and radioactive materials, as well as hydrocarbons.


Study Finds Fracking Caused 6,600 Oil Spills in Only Four States




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