Environment and Society


This book covers a lot of different topics and devotes a relatively good amount of words to each, which I really like. The hardest part to remember is that each topic could have an entire book of its own, so it’s important to recognize that there are still concepts and facts that we haven’t learned. However, as for the basics, I think it did a good job of touching on the relevant subjects. Initially, the material is basic and geared toward our global society, treating humans as one big population, but then it begins to categorize and differentiate populations. The book does a good job of incorporating examples from other countries and provoking the reader to consider other cultures beside their own by illustrating how values/morals/norms differ among them. It reminds readers that when considering environmental problems there is not a ‘one shoe fits all’ solution and we must be innovative and empathetic to others.


New Priority for Ocean Resorts: Restoring Reefs

Outrigger’s Ozone, a collaboration between a handful of resorts and local dive teams, is an initiative whose program is designed to rebuild and regrow damaged coral reefs off the resorts property islands. Outrigger’s Ozone works to undo the reef damage caused by large structures on the beach, climate change, land-based pollution, and the impact of fishing.

The coral restoration process is similar across all resorts: broken but still-living coral fragments are attached to a frame, either metal or concrete, and the whole system is secured underwater. It’s a slow process (coral takes about 10 years to fully grow) but with care and protection, the reef regenerates itself on the frames. One of the resorts, the Andaman, has Asia’s first inland coral nursery, allowing guests and staff members to start the regeneration process in a safe place and then transplant it to the ocean. Furthermore, all the frames are designed to become carbon-negative within a few years to reduce the properties carbon footprint.

To date, across all the resorts, more than 321 coral frames have been transplanted into the reef. The Outrigger team alone has already planted about 21,450 square feet of new coral and at the Andaman, 200 baby corals from the nursery have made it into the ocean. One hundred more are still growing and nearly ready to transplant.

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