Environment and society 1

Compared to the previous reading, this book is a lot more dry and takes more effort to read. However, I found it interesting, and I liked that it was less biased than the other books we read. The authors lay out how we threaten the environment, but also ask the important question of whether population increase is a function of this “dominion” over the environment or vice versa. I also liked the focus on how women’s rights affect the environment. The inequalities humans put on each other shape the way we treat the planet, and by having certain people (greedy old white men) make all the decisions regarding how we treat the planet, we allow them to damage the planet as much as they want. What he said about how people tend to cooperate in situations of limited resources really resonated with me, because I believe in a human society that can govern itself, but sometimes I wonder about it because I tend to view human nature as selfish. It is also important that the authors talked about how things such as risk awareness, race, and other things are all social constructs. I am a big advocate for gender being a social construct, as a nonbinary person, and though they didn’t talk about this, I feel that this relates in the same way.

Current Event

This is a current thing that, as a big fan of Ohio and all the cool nature it has to offer, makes me extremely mad. The Wayne National Forest is a treasure to this state and I love it so much, and 700 acres of it were recently auctioned off for fracking. The price started at 2$ per acre, which is the federal minimum. Protected land like Wayne should start at more than that, at least. The high bid was 5,000$ per acre, which is a little better, but I don’t think this is land that oil and natural gas companies should even think about being able to buy. The EPA even put out a report that fracking does contaminate drinking water, but these companies are still going forward with it.



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