Week 7: Eating Animals

Eating Animals:

This was by far my favorite book so far in this course. Foer’s style in writing makes it enjoyable to read as well as learning about the ethical issues of eating animals. As I read this book, it made me reflect why I choose to eat meat. With this thought reminded me that animals on a daily basis go through a series of inhumane processes that we constantly do not think about because they are grotesque. In an evolutionary viewpoint, animals eat other animals as a source of food and, from omnivorous descent, humans should be allowed to eat meat as long as we treat animals with respect.

I have grown up with animals and I have always wondered what it would be like to become vegetarian but I have never really put into any effort into fully committing to vegetarianism.  Currently, I try to stay away from eating meat as much as possible by finding protein alternatives (such as quinoa or soy products) but in college it is really hard to keep up with certain foods due to One of my friends is in a pre-vet program and she has shown me a show that finds a way to show ethical alternatives to raise animals as well as eating those animals. Although it still shows humans raising animals for the purpose of eating them, we are still allowed to eat animals as long as we face the moral quandaries we ignore as a society.

Current Event:

A Yale-led team has produced one of the highest-resolution maps of dark matter ever created, offering a detailed case for the existence of cold dark matter — sluggish particles that comprise the bulk of matter in the universe. Dark matter particles are thought to provide the unseen mass that is responsible for gravitational lensing, by bending light from distant galaxies. This light bending produces systematic distortions in the shapes of galaxies viewed through the lens. The group decoded the distortions to create the new dark matter map.

Learn more here:



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