Eating Animals- Post #6- Dom

Eating Animals:

Being a big time meat eater, this book gave me a stomach ache with certain things Foer presented in his book. When Foer explained the cruelty of factory farms and how animals are mistreated there, it made me extremely sad that the human race could do such a thing to innocent animals. The scene that really struck me was midway through the book when Foer tells the story of him and an animal activist raiding a poultry farm and saving a chick by slicing it’s neck. After reading that part, it finally hit me that this is a major problem that, to many, isn’t all that major.

On a day to day basis people do not think about what they are eating, instead all they care about is the taste of their food or how it looks. This is due to people not having the knowledge as some others do, as well as people just not caring about how the animals are being treated. So the solution to these problems are exposing the cruelty of these animals in a more effective way to get the message across.To me, I personally do not think people should not eat meat, but people do need to stop the mistreatment of animals in the process. The problem is that I do not believe this will stop until humans start looking at themselves and animals as equal beings that feel the same pain and misery as when they suffer.


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Current Event: 


-The Southern Resident Killer Whales, also known as the Orcas of the Salish Sea, have declined to a frightening number of 78, as reported in 2015. The Canadian Minister for Fisheries and Oceans has finally called for a federal recovery plan for the orcas. This call has been long over due since the whales have been endangered in Canada since 2001, which makes it 16 years without a recovery plan while being endangered. According to the WWF-Canada, there are four main threats endangering the orcas. These threats consist of contaminants from watershed pollution, noise and harassment from vessels, industrial development encroaching on their habitat, and dwindling numbers of Chinook salmon. It will be interesting to see how the Canadian government responds to this call, as well as where the status of these iconic whales will be 10 years from now.


Image result for Salish Orca whales


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