Eating Animals

Eating Animals: This book was much better than the last two. It was much easier to read, and much more interesting/exciting. The little inserted letters from people involved in the industry and things like breaking into farms kept me interested the whole time. I’ve always known that slaughterhouses and factory was inhumane, but this is the longest thing I’ve read about it. At some point in the book he says “there isn’t enough non-factory chicken to feed Staten Island” which surprised me. I also didn’t realize how low the standards for organic/free-range food is. To be organic the animal just has to have access to the outdoors at some point, meaning there’s very little difference between that and nonorganic meat. This book isn’t going to turn me vegetarian by any means but it definitely raised question in my mind about the ethics of what I’m eating.

Current Event: Donald Trump has issued an order to start repealing the Waters of the United States Rule, which was put in place by Obama. It increased regulation of major waterways to prevent pollution, mostly from agriculture. Although many are worried about this, it will probably take years to repeal it as it’s buried real deep bureaucratically.

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