Project Proposal

Recycling at Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center

Emily Bishop


Project overview: Recycling has been shown to be the best method to get rid of paper, in terms of environmental impact assessment (Villanueva et Henzel 2007).  According to a study from 1990, Americans will, either directly or indirectly, use 600 pounds of paper per year.  This is about nine times the world average.  The effect of this extreme paper use can be mitigated by recycling.  Recycling saves land, trees, water, and money.  Even more so, recycling has been shown to decrease Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, preserve biodiversity, prevent erosion, and reduce the health hazards from the pollution created by making paper with virgin wood (Jones).  

The ultimate goal of this project is to establish a working paper recycling program at Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center in Lewis Center, Ohio.  The facility already gets non-paper items recycled by the city of Columbus, and recycles all paper that is shredded.  It has also implemented a lot of other sustainability methods such as automatic lights and low pressure shower heads.  However, there isn’t really anything set up for paper recycling.  The hotel alone uses a very large amount of paper and I can imagine the other buildings are using a similar amount.  Even though documents are shredded, those documents are usually the ones with security information which leaves almost all of the total paper to go into the trash.  There are even recycling bins placed around the facility, but are used as trash cans.  The staff that I have talked to is responsive to the idea and are willing to make the effort to start putting only paper into the recycling bins.  I think the program just needs someone to get it started.  


Project Outline:  

  1. Talk to the Director of Facilities to determine what the hotel already does to recycle, if anything
  2. Ask him if he would be willing to help me get a program started, and find out what I need to do.
  3. Work with maintenance and different department managers to get recycling bins set up in each area of the property.
  4. Inform co-workers of any new policies and teach them how to recycle properly (only put paper in the bins and nothing else.)
  5. Work with the Director of Facilities to help with the logistics of getting the paper picked up and ensure that it happens.  
  6. Pitch the idea to the General Manager to get approval.
  7. Determine paper use before and after the program has been implemented to ensure there was a positive change.  


Annotated Bibliography

Jones, P. R. E. (1989). Understanding paper recycling in an institutionally supportive setting: An application of the theory of reasoned action. Journal of Environmental Systems, 19(4), 307-321.

This paper discusses the benefits of paper recycling and how to encourage it in business.  I could probably use this information if I need to make my case for starting a recycling program because whoever I’m talking to about it doesn’t agree.


Villanueva, A., & Wenzel, H. (2007). Paper waste–recycling, incineration or landfilling? A review of existing life cycle assessments. Waste management, 27(8), S29-S46.

This paper took information from other studies about the best way to recycle and came up with the conclusion that recycling is the best method.  


Ryan Smith: Front Desk Manager at Nationwide HCC

Ryan is my manager and I work with him quite often.  He has been at the hotel the longest of my 3 managers and has been helpful with telling me who I should talk to.  He also started his own recycling program at the last property he worked at so I think he will be a good resource to help figure out a plan.


Gregg Gibson: Director of Facilities at Nationwide HCC

Gregg knows about all of the sustainability efforts the hotel already has in place and will have the most power to be able to help me start the program.  He already has logistics information for how much paper we currently use and would be able to get this information again after the program is in place. He is going to send me information on how to set up a paper recycling program and will help me actually get it set up.


Sue Bellen: General Manager at Nationwide HCC

As general manager, I need to have Sue on board in order for me to actually do anything.  She will be the one I go to after Gregg and I have set up the recycling program to get official approval and actually get it going.  


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