Nature Pt. 2 – Current Event- Dom

Nature- Part Dos 

In the second  half of Nature, there are two points that struck me. The first point was when Coates talks about how in our world today, there are no landscapes left that have not been altered in some way by human interaction. I definitely agree with Coates on this point, but with how much the human population has grown, and is growing, it was almost inevitable that this would happen. The second point that struck me is when Coates writes about how Capitalism is the center of all our problems with the environment. At first, I did not agree with this point, but when I started to look deeper into what he was saying, I understood where he was coming from. In a capitalistic society, it creates a self drive to be at the top. This drives people to be profit driven/oriented, which for many does not mean looking at the negative externalities they are creating by how they are making their money. For example, if an owner of a company is making $500 billion but is also destroying thousands of acres of trees as well as homes to thousands of animals, they are not going to care at all about the animals, because at the end of the day they are making $500 billion. Even though businesses today are looking more into how they affect the enviroment, Coates brings up a good point that is still a struggle in our society today, especially in the USA.


Current Event:

Outdoor air pollution tied to millions of preterm births

-The Stockholm Environment Institute found that in 2010, about 2.7 million preterm births globally (or 18% of all preterm births) were associated with air pollution, specifically the particle PM2.5. This particle is harmful to humans due to its ability to go deep inside the human lungs. The main sources of this particle being released into the air are diesel vehicles and agricultural waste-burning. On the eastern side of the world, the biggest issues of PM2.5 are in African and South Asian countries.



Image result for air pollution diesel trucks

Image result for preterm babies

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