Nature Pt.2 & Current Event

 Fifth of World’s food lost to over-eating and waste

A study has shown that almost 20% of the food made available to consumers is lost through over-eating or waste. Researchers say that the world population consumes 10% more food than it needs and almost 9% is thrown away or left to spoil.

At the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, scientist examined 10 stages in the global food system (food consumption and the growing/harvesting of crops) to become knowledgeable of the extent of the losses. They used the data collected by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

Almost half of harvested crops are lost through over-consumption, consumer waste, and inefficiencies in production processes. Livestock loses 78% and 1.08 billion tons of harvested crops are used to produce 240 million tons of edible products. This stage accounts for 40% of all losses of harvested crops.

Encouraging people to eat fewer animal products, reduce waste, and not exceed their nutritional needs could help reverse these trends. Dr. Peter Alexander, of the University of Edinburgh’s School of GeoSciences said,

“Reducing losses from the global food system would improve food security and help prevent environmental harm. Until now, it was not known how over-eating impacts on the system. Not only is it harmful to health, we found that over-eating is bad for the environment and impairs food security.”

1/5 of world’s food lost to over-eating and waste.


Nature Pt.2 

Coates talks about how every landscape we have now has been altered by humans one way or another. I agree with him, only a few tiny parts of the world hasn’t been touched by humans. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but isn’t a good thing either. Sometimes we help sustain and keep landscapes conserved and others we destroy and use for our own selfish reasons.

The last section of the book talks about how since animals can’t communicate we feel inferior. I can see how that is portrayed but I have always thought of animals somewhat of equal beings. Even though they can’t talk they have showed how they have their own unique personalities and how they have feelings.



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