Nature Pt 2.


My current event for this week is about drones that have been created in Japan to be artificial pollinators.  The drones are covered in horse hair with a sticky gel that helps them collect the pollen and carry it to another flower.  The gel was actually discovered by accident when doing another experiment.  It went wrong so they kept the gel in a cabinet and rediscovered it 10 years later.  After finding that it was still sticky, they decided to use it and started putting it on ants and houseflies to see how it worked.  They then bought a small drone and attached the horse hairs and gel.  The drone is expected to help counter the effect of declining honeybee populations.


To be completely honest, I thought the first half of this chunk was really weird and pointless.  The second half wasn’t too bad.

Englishman used to create  giant gardens that I think were supposed to represent their ability to control nature and make it look nice.  However I don’t think that really looks like nature at all, or at least not as I like to imagine it which is usually as a forest.  People imagined the perfect world to be like the Garden of Eden but without the “burden of church” and thought that indigenous people had the perfect life because they ran around “devoid of sin and clothing.” I thought this was an interesting way of thinking about it, especially because Christians often imagine the perfect world as the Garden of Eden as well.  The only difference is that they enjoy that “burden of church.”  This seemed to fit into the idea introduced earlier that Christianity was the root of all of our problems.

Coates also introduced the idea of how different forms of government have different effects on nature.  He mentions at one point that capitalism is the root of our problems with the environment.  He also explains how Karl Marx felt about the environment, in that he strongly supported nature’s rights but actually hated being in nature.

The last little section of this reading brought in animals and explained why humans think we have dominance over them.  He explains how animals not being able to communicate was a big reason for this way of thinking but also mentions the chimps we have taught sign language to and mentions that crows can do deductive reasoning.

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