Animals, Lawns, and Human Destruction

Nature: Part 2

Brain Wiggles:


– Coates seems to distaste for human interaction with nature or the natural world. He says that all the landscapes we see today have been once altered by humans. I personally don’t see that as a negative in every case. Humans utilize the world around them and sometimes go too far. But, I don’t think human interaction is ALL bad. In other words, I believe that humans can live in nature without destroying it.


-The pristine lawn and garden ideal has been around for a long time. I remember in Art history we discussed the different gardens based on the region. Gardens were merely another form of art when art represented wealth or importance within a community.

The “perfect lawn” craze makes me a bit wigged out. It follows the same idea as sign of importance, but it feels a little outdated.  I do not understand the strive for perfection in a lawn, especially in an age of environmental revolution. Lawns do not help the planet. Raking leaves off a lawn actually kills it. The activist in me wants to plant trees all over perfectly cut grass.


Above: French Garden Below: British Garden


Coates short section reflecting on the idea that humans have dominance on animals

due to lack of communication, made a lot of sense to me. I am surprised how novel this idea was to me. Lack of communication can lead to a dominant -inferior relationship. I have always equated the lives of animals to the live of my own. I have always been bewildered but not surprised by the inferior partnership animals inherit due to American history and how people treated other people as inferior for centuries. I feel like something clicked in me when I read this section of the book. I understand the other side of the story, because before it was innate to me to treat animals with respect.

Current Event:

Wind is cool! haha. Wind power sets a record for providing electricity to some states. This gives new hope to and new perspective to continuing the effort in providing energy through wind alone. Thanks, Obama.

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