Week 5: Nature: Western Attitudes Since Ancient Times Part 1

Nature: Western Attitudes Since Ancient Times Preface and Chapters 1-5

Coates’ Nature gives insight to how nature was viewed and understood historically. Throughout history, the word nature had different connotations such as the Ancient Greeks thought of nature had “become an object of piety in its own right, endowed with a moral purpose and meaning independent of mankind.” In the Middle Ages, people only ventured into nature to conceptualize their theories. Within the past hundred years, things that are unnatural such as homosexuality because it was not a common occurrence in heteronormative culture. I think its interesting how much the meaning of nature has changed drastically throughout history, especially with our technological advances and changes in priorities (such as getting a degree or a major deal between companies). At first glance, I think of nature as the outdoors and the animals within the environment but then I realize that the life I have for myself is tiny in comparison to the Earth that is also a small dot in comparison to the universe.


Current Event

It’s not every day that scientists can study a volcano up close, but researchers investigating the feasibility of volcano-powered electricity successfully drilled into the core of one in Iceland. Scientists studied the volcanic system at Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland, which has been dormant for more than 700 years. Beginning in August 2016, the IDDP spent 168 days drilling into the volcanic belly of Reykjanes. This well was completed on Jan. 25, reaching a record-breaking depth of nearly 3 miles. In the case of volcanic geothermal energy, the heat comes from “supercritical water.”

Learn more here:


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