Post #4 – Nature/Current Event- Dom

Nature (1-5):

I have enjoyed this book so far. The examples and facts that Coates provides to his readers is very insightful. His book surrounds the reader with the question, “What does nature mean to people today?”. Coates helps his audience put that question into perspective when he described how earth was viewed and treated by ancient civilizations. Once he brought the ways of the ancient civilizations to light, his point was almost comical for me, since I take a Greek Mythology class at OWU. It made me really put into perspective how today nature to most people is just a thing that is not really involved in our lives, whereas the Greeks viewed every piece of the earth as touched by the gods, and is to be cared for and respected. Coates has drawn a lot of my interest in these first 5 chapters, which makes me look forward to finishing the rest of the book.


Current Event:

The Newest Vegan “Leather” Comes From Recycled Banana Trees

  • Due to the plentiful amount of banana trees on the island of Kosrae, Matt Simpson created Green Banana Paper. Simpson discovered this idea when students of his were leaving the island because of work availability. Once Simpson discovered that banana trees only bear fruit once, and need to be removed to make room for new trees to be planted, he created an innovative idea that solved two problems, employment and plant disposal.When recycled, the trees are processed into a leather type material that is water resistant, since banana trees are 90% water their whole life. Green Banana Paper has recycled 170,000 pounds of waste banana trees, as well as has reused waste plant materials as soil additive at their banana farm. With this invention, Simpson might have started a trend of making a leather like material in an Eco friendly way, instead of the harmful and wasteful process of making actual leather.


Image result for green banana paper wallets




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