Nature (part 1) and Current Event

  • Between the Greek and Roman times and the Medieval times, the author talked about a change between nature being a part of the religion and something seen as evil or less by religion.  He didn’t really explain why this was, but I speculate that it had to do with Christianity’s attempts to turn anything to do with the pagan religions into a sin.
  • The idea that nature/material world and person was separate from the spiritual part of a person seemed to span quite a few religions as well as over a long span of time. This isn’t really my area, so is this view still around in present day religion?  I’ve never heard of a modern day person think that the natural world is somehow lesser because it’s not the spiritual part, but I guess it could still be around as subtext to religion.
  • When the author mentioned that the Native Americans, a culture typically seen as very ecological, had a greater impact on the land than the colonists after a century into colonization, I wondered how much and what kind of impact he was talking about.  Any species in an area leaves an impact on the environment by living there.  At what point does human impact go beyond our natural affect on the world and instead become unnatural? They mentioned in the beginning that that point may be as soon as humans stop being nomadic.
  • Current event-A sheep and goat plague has been going around Mongolia since the end of last year, and it has been affecting the saiga antelope population, enough that 2,500 antelope have died, and the endemic isn’t going away naturally.  This is estimated to be 25% of the population and as long as the endemic doesn’t slow down, it could kill up to 80% of the population.  Ways to stop the disease is being researched by many groups, but so far nothing major has been decided. WCN Saiga disease outbreak update

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