Right off the bat, I kind of wish this book wasn’t just about western attitudes towards nature. It would be interesting to look at the history of humans altering their environment in Africa and Asia, too. I still found it a decent enough read though it was a little bit hard to comprehend at times. In chapters two and three, the author seems to suggest that the introduction of capitalism and Christianity are the two main beginning points of mass disrespect for nature, but later talks about how even civilizations preceding these things such as th Native Americans have been responsible for mass environmental change. I also like that he talks about the difference between merely altering nature and damaging it, because I really believe we can integrate ourselves into nature without haring it, though I wish he would touch on that more. I hope he goes into it in later chapters.

Current event

We’re all aware of how warm this winter is, and while it’s easy to say that this is climate change in action, it is also due to natural weather patterns. This article says that El nina could be the cause of warmer than average temperatures this year, though it does say that Ohio should have around average temperatures at this point in the year since El nina causes warmer temperatures in the south and colder ones in the north around now.

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