I did not enjoy reading this book. I found it to be very wordy, unnecessarily complex and I didn’t understand the points he was trying to make. He quoted a lot of philosophers to help support his argument, but that occurred so often throughout the text that it was almost more of a distraction while I was reading.

Coates brought up the idea of animal rights on page 31 and begins to elaborate on its connection to matter and spirit. He goes into more detail about atoms, but fails to connect his thoughts to his overall point. He goes on so many tangents and by the time he begins to talk about the animals again its almost 2 pages later. It was frustrating because it make it even more difficult to read and understand.

Some points that I did understand were…

1. One concept which Coates made that I do agree with is that fact that humans try our best to “manage nature”. Wether it’s for the purpose of beauty or ecological stability we like to control everything. It’s important that we intervene in managing nature when there’s ecological disasters is our fault, like in Lake Erie.

2. Coates says that, “no human society has ever lived completely inside nature or outside of environmental change” I disagree because in order for this to be true you would have to consider the Native Americans to not be a human society. I think the Native Americans are proof that it is possible to live in complete nature which no help from materialistic or industrial pleasures like our society has today.

3. “Roman civilization did not die a natural death. It was murdered” This made me think of the Fall of Easter Island which I learned about in GEOG 347. Ecological suicide is when you over exploit/exhaust all your natural resources and disrupt the environment in such a way that it no longer functions the same.

Current Event

Oroville Dam Warning in California, largest dam in the country.


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