First Half of Nature

So far, I like this book much more than the last. Although it’s similarly wordy, this book is much more objective and easier to read. The points are easier to follow and the sentences don’t go on for ten years. I just recently read an article about Native American deforestation for another class so that wasn’t new to me, but the European deforestation was (not that it was any surprise). It was interesting how early they managed to deforest Britain. I’d also never heard of “environmental suicide” as a reason for the fall of the Roman and Greek empires, though it makes sense. Despite the sort of chronological structure of views of nature evolving, it seemed to me that views stayed pretty consistent throughout the past 1000 years. From the Romans to the Middle Ages to just before modernization nature was exploited pretty heavily without any real regard for sustainability. While what nature represented changed over time (going from religious themed to otherwise), the way people used nature never changed much.


Current Event:

Western Washington is on pace for the wettest February of all time. It’s normal to get a lot of rain in the winter, but Seattle has received 5.71 inches so far, 3 times the usual of 1.81 inches. At this rate Seattle is on pace for 11.42 inches of rain this month. for comparison, Columbus gets around 2.2 inches of precipitation every February, and around 36 inches every year.

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