Week 4 Post -Emily


Students at Iowa State University have created a device that generates electricity when its “leaves” blow in the wind.  The idea is to capture energy while making the machine less obtrusive.  They mention how cell phone towers are sometimes camouflaged as trees to improve aesthetic appearance, and something like this would put those fake leaves to good use.  These trees probably won’t be designed to replaces wind turbines, but will more likely be used to power a few household appliances.



I actually didn’t think this book was that bad.  It certainly wasn’t entertaining considering it was just a bunch of facts.  However, those facts were pretty interesting.  I feel like what nature meant to people who lived thousands of years ago is something that isn’t really taught in school.  We tend to focus more on how people viewed nature in the past hundred years or go at the most.  I think that knowing how the Ancient Greeks and Romans and people from medieval times thought about the Earth and treated the Earth is really important information because it helps to explain some of the views we have today.  I thought it was really interesting that their idea of nature was completely different than what we have today; that nature is more of an idea rather than a place.  I think that we sort of get that in the way we think of wilderness, but it’s not quite the same thing. I learned a lot from this book so far so I’m interested to see what will be in the second half.

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