Current event and Nature

Current Event:

Norwegian ice cap ‘exceptionally sensitive’to climate change

A team of researchers from the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research in the Netherlands and the U.S. looked into the past to understand how the ice cap Hardangerjokulen in southern Norway reacts to climate change.

Using a glacier computer model developed at NASA, they simulated the ice cap’s history from the last 4000 years. They used information on past climates and glacier variations from lake sediments receiving meltwater from the ice cap.

Due to the ice caps flat topography a small change in the competition between winter snow and summer melt will affect a very large part of the ice cap. This has happened in previous years.

Practically all of Norway’s electricity is generated from hydropower in which 15% depends on glacier meltwater.

Norwegian Ice Cap



I thought this book was pretty interesting so far. I never really thought of nature itself having its own history. This book has illustrated that nature had history in both terms of human attitudes and impacts. He divides nature into 5 historically significant categories: physical place (threatened); collective phenomena; nature as an essence; nature as an inspiration; and, nature as the conceptual opposite of culture. I thought that was compelling because I have only truly thought of nature as a beautiful physical place, nothing else. Coates explains how nature was seen as a higher authority which is unlike more recent meaning of threatened space. He examined how these ideas are viewed by a variety of modern writers subscribing to differing ideologies.I look forward to reading to second part.



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