Week 4: The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse

The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse

Pascal Bruckner’s book was an interesting and challenging read, as it incorporates religious, political and environmental values and theories. He describes two ecologies: one rational, the other nonsensical to how we used these two ecologies to justify our actions towards our environment. Bruckner also says, “Let’s be clear: a cosmic calamity is not going to be averted by eating vegetables and sorting our rubbish;” another way to say that our current techniques will not prevent the end of our environment, merely postpone it.

I found it hard to follow because I had to keep looking up some of the terminology as well as my lack of a religious background. I do agree with some of Bruckner’s arguments saying how we have to change our ideologies and tactics to help avoid the destruction of Earth. Our actions throughout history-war, politics, and construction-have led up to our current state of our planet. As part of the natural world, humans have destroyed our environment and we in turn should restore it.

Current Event

New evidence suggests that solar storms cause cetaceans -whales, dolphins and porpoises – to end up stranded along costal areas. These cetaceans use magnetic field sensing to navigate the world’s oceans. According to NASA scientists, one explanation for these strandings could be that these animals’ internal compasses become confused during severe solar storms, and in turn effect Earth’s magnetic fields. NASA is currently launching a study to investigate further about this hypothesis but there have been very little quantitative research.

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