Week 3

Fanaticism of the Apocalypse:

Damn I hated this book. Reading through some of the other reviews I see I’m not the only one. The writing reminded me of people who get in fights in the youtube comments, unnecessarily wordy and pretentious. This book was difficult to follow for several reasons: 1. His sentences were so wordy and complicated that I would lose track of his point before the sentence even ended.  2. While (I’m guessing here) he made points from both sides of the argument, his tone never shifted throughout the book. I’m not sure if he was cynically mocking both sides or presenting both sides as fact. As a cynical person I’m guessing it’s the former but I really had a hard time telling. Hopefully there aren’t many more books like this 😦


Current Event: Seattle Cuts Ties With Wells Fargo Over DAPL

I was surprised to see Seattle in the news today. They became the first major city to break with Wells Fargo, one of the main financiers of the DAPL. the US Army Corps of Engineers issued an easement for the pipeline which prompted the split with Seattle.





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