Ecological Disaster is Our Future

               The Fanaticism with Apocalypse

The “ecology disaster” is what Pascal Bruckner terms the inescapable catastrophe that is about to ensue into human race. The fate of the world is inevitably doomed. Bruckner’s critique of modern-day environmentalism continues by implying that the main goal of “ecology disaster ” is to instill fear into as many people as possible to make change. Bruckner believes environmentalism today has become an ideology that makes people believe in the inevitable apocalypse upon them.

         Climate change is the undercurrent theme in this book. Bruckner is angry that it is hard for people to digest and act on facts like marine environments will die in like 20 years due to the actions of human race. It is valid to say that it is hard for human to understand their impact at such a global scale and some choose to ignore it. However, Bruckner thinks that the ones creating change are not creating the right change. Bruckner believes that people who change their light bulbs to ecofriendly are not impact the world, but a shift to a more democratic and large scale behavioral change in the human race can change the trajectory of or planet’s future for the better.

         I agree that humans are the problem to the of the environmental issues. I think there are too many of us and too few of us who understand our carbon footprint. However, I do not think humans are doomed to a disastrous future, but I think there is hope to extend our stay here on Earth. It was frustrating at times to read this book, because Bruckner is a philosopher and his claims and opinions are not backup with research. Therefore, I found it a little hard to believe him. I am a person of science and of reason and I do believe humans are the problems to climate change, but that humans are capable of making positive change for the future.

Current Event:



There has been an expansion of wasps across Europe owing much of that to the increasingly warmer weather. This increased number of wasps comes with an air of caution to New Zealand and Britain scientists studying wasp population due to flux in population over the last 40 years. However, we can only hope this growing trend continues and so does the overall wasp and bee population follows pursuit.


I was shown this video parodying the “side affects of Nature” in relation to the overdramatic pharmaceutical commercials.


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