Desert Solitaire: Edward Abbey-Dom

Desert Solitaire: 

This book opened my eyes up to the many beauties that nature provides as Abbey wrote about in his book. I enjoyed how much detail he put into his descriptions, especially when he wrote about the arches in the park, as well as the natural wonders during his trip to Glen Canyon.

“These are natural arches, holes in the rock, windows in stone, no two alike, as varied in form as in dimension. They range in size from holes just big enough to walk through to openings large enough to contain the dome of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. Some resemble jug handles or flying buttresses…”

While reading this book, I imagined Abbey had to have some deep problems in his life due to his love for solitude as well as his hate for tourist and people ruining nature. He became almost to extreme for me when he talked about killing a man over a snake. I understand his concerns about tourism hurting the environment, but going to that extreme shows me that Abbey might have some further issues in his life. All in all tho, Abbey provides great descriptions of the places he visited, and brings up a strong case for how tourism is ruining natural beauties in nature.



A genetically modified grass called Bentgrass has been deregulated by the USDA. Bentgrass is used on various golf courses, but now is spreading into public lands as well as starting to contaminate local crops due to the deregulation. This is leading to many problems, especially to the farmers where Bentgrass has effected their crops because many areas do not accept anything that has been affected by GMOs. Bentgrass is becoming more and more of a concern due to the fact that genetically modified plants have been known to cause superweeds, cross contamination, and harmful ingredients such as glyphosate, which has been linked to cancer.

Picture: Bentgrass 31 days after seeded.

Image result for bentgrass golf greens


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