Desert Solitaire and Current Event

Desert Solitaire:

This book was quite interesting to me. I appreciate and respect his undying love for the beauty of nature in the desert but I don’t agree with the fact that he feels everybody else is ignorant for not feeling the same way. Abbey openly exposes his dislike for humans when he says he would rather kill a man than a snake. As he continues to explain his thoughts on humans he starts introducing the thought of “Industrial tourism”. He tells us that it’s money, hotels, roads, restaurants, automobiles, etc. What then states,

These various interests are well organized, command more wealth than most modern nations, and are represented in Congress with a strength far greater than is justified in any constitutional or democratic sense.

Through Congress the tourism industry can bring enormous pressure to bear upon such a slender reed in the executive branch as the poor old Park Service, a pressure which is also exerted on every other possible level–local, state, regional–and through advertising and the well-established habits of a wasteful nation.”

Abbey proposes that there should be a”ban” on automobiles in national parks. Although I see where he is coming from with the idea, I thought it was contemptuous of him to say that kids will just have to go (to national parks) when they’re older, when they can handle the conditions of walking several miles, and elderly people already had their chance to see the world so if they want to go to a national park but can’t walk/bike the entrance to the park, well then too bad.

“A civilization which destroys what little remains of the wild, the spare, the original, is cutting itself off from its origins. . . . If industrial man continues to multiply his numbers and expand his operations he will succeed in his apparent intention, to seal himself off from the natural and isolate himself within a synthetic prison of his own making.”

I do however agree with the quote above. I think we need to not think so much about using space to our advantage by building hotels,malls,restaurants, etc. I believe the fact that we are isolating ourselves and cutting ourselves off from our origins.

Current Event:

Large Marine Protected Areas and Reef Sharks 


This image shows researchers of Palmyra Atoll Research Constorium and University of Hawaii and Tim White of Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station measuring a grey reef shark.

Sharks have been and still play a crucial role in our ecosystems. However they are disappearing due to not having high numbers of offspring and being under serious threat for the value of their fins.

Researchers at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station investigated how effective marine protected areas (MPAs) in protecting grey reef sharks . They tracked both sharks and fishing vessels in a large MPA 1,000 miles south of Hawaii. Their findings were published in the January 31st issue of Biological Conservation. They found that MPAs are an effective tool for protecting declining shark populations.

The researchers believe preserving sharks has benefits for both ocean-dwellers and humans. Keeping the shark population up in numbers supports the ecosystem health and this can bring millions in tourism dollars because people prefer to see beautiful, healthy reefs.

MPAs effectively protect reef shark populations 


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