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-I just recently rewatched one of my favorite docs which has to do with being vegan and why and how going vegan is a way to dramatically alter our destruction to the environment for the better.



  • Edward Abbey’s colorful and meticulous language toward his surrounding and the plants and animals inhabiting his environment has made this book a joy to read. Many of his views on eco-tourism reminds me of similar language many tour leaders have mentioned while in Patagonia. They and Abbey both mention the almost heartbreak they feel for increased tourism in natural spaces such as National Parks. They want there to be places for anyone, but not for everyone. For example, Abbey remarks his distaste for the road leading to arches saying it too easy and it should be difficult to see such landscape of incredible beauty. Similar remarks were made in Patagonia when our tour guide to see Glacier Leones. His name was Phillip and whilst on our 45 minute hike and two hour boat ride, he reflected on his worry for the growing tourism. He said that adventure shouldn’t be easy, but rewarding. Especially nice considering there was only a handful of us, instead of crowd of people trying to experience the same thing.
  • Additionally, in Parque Patagonia there is a debate to pave the road leading to the park. At the moment it is a gravel road. There is also some hearsay that there will be a road in the park itself. This makes me upset for similar reasons Abbey describes that everything is too automatic in our lives in general. A lot of things are quicker, faster, and more proactive than ever before in modern society, but I think saving just a few things like National Parks for adventures. For a feat I am willing to tackle. To conquer in a sense, not abuse or breeze into.

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