Personal Introduction and Project Ideas

Personal Introduction: My name is Serena and I am a sophomore Pre-Professional Zoology and Environmental Studies double major. I’m working towards becoming a wildlife veterinarian so that I can work in a rescue, rehabilitation and release program. I’m on the tennis team and am a member of the Interfaith House. I’m from the southwest suburbs of Chicago, and I love to travel, hike, rock climb and draw.

Project Ideas:

  1. I think it would be fun to work with Dr. Fink on his Cooking Matters program. I volunteer with Delaware County’s Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and I’d like to incorporate a way to add an educational component for those kids to the Cooking Matters program. This might give the kids a healthy activity to do with their families, in addition to the other objectives of the Cooking Matters Program.
  2. I could work with Dick Tuttle to construct bird houses and/or feeders out of recycled material.
  3. Residential Life likes SLUs to host theme weeks, so I was thinking I could organize a week that instead of focusing on a theme from one house, involves all of the houses. Each SLU could either do a service project or organize a discussion/event that relates to environmentalism and their house mission.

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