Week 1 Post – Emily


Hey I’m Emily Bishop and I am a junior Biology and Environmental Studies double major.  I’m a vegetarian so I am into animal rights and I am also really interested in conservation.  In my free time I like to go hiking and knit.


Dr. Anderson actually showed us this video in one of my classes and I thought it was interesting.  2016 is the hottest year on record, continuing the trend from 2014.  This video shows the changing intensity of heat over time since 1880.  Apparently NASA has been making one of these every year for the past few years but I didn’t know that so I thought it was pretty cool.


The Meadowlands

I thought this book was very well written and enjoyable to read.  Sullivan almost made me want to go to The Meadowlands which is a feat considering it sounds absolutely terrible there.  Sullivan somehow describes this area completely disturbed by humans as wilderness and it is still somehow true despite the fact that when most people think of wilderness The Meadowlands are far from their minds.  I think what struck me most about The Meadowlands was how much outsiders disliked it but the people who lived there had a strange respect for it.  I guess that is the only attitude you can have living in an area that is so wild, untamed and unkempt.  You have to have a healthy respect for the wilderness or you can’t fully appreciate it.  I think that it the big thing that people in the Meadowlands have figured out, but is still a secret for almost everyone else.

“The Trouble with Wilderness”

I previously read this article in Environmental Ethics and remember being slightly confused by what Cronon had to say because it was so different from what I normally heard about wilderness.  However, after going through that class and rereading the article, I can say I agree with Cronon.  It doesn’t make sense for wilderness to be this place that is completely untouched by humans because for one thing that’s impossible, and for another, that makes it impossible for us to enjoy it.  I think Cronon’s idea of appreciating the wilderness all around us is logical and helpful – all of nature deserves the awe and respect we give to wilderness.  However, I think some of the draw of the far away wilderness is the fact that it is far away.  It is much harder to be immersed in nature if you are just sitting in your backyard.  Not impossible, but harder.  I do think that Sullivan fully grasped this idea in his perception of The Meadowlands, and that is pretty cool.


  1. I work at a hotel and I know they use a ton of paper and don’t recycle.  I’d like to find out why/see what it would take to get them to start.
  2. There has been talk before of a student garden, maybe see what it would take to get one started/start to fix the problems that has kept it from getting started.
  3. I love to knit, maybe see if I could get some money to buy yarn and make hats and scarves for people who need it and can’t afford it.

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